10 March, 2007

HA! Facebook...

My older brother blocked Facebook (FB) from my computer through the wireless network. I was mad, because he's taking a so-called liberty. But I really don't notice that it's gone. In fact, my dear blogging friends, you may have noticed that I was actually reading your blogs today instead of amusing myself by stalking friends on FB. Cool.

In other news, I am saddened by the recent defeat of my University's men's basketball team. But Mute Math is doing their best to console me, and Avenpitch will probably throw their sounds into the mix eventually. Their song "Bittersweet" is amazing. I wish more rock groups would quit singing and start making up real music, rather than accompanying words.

Speaking of music, a coworker lent me a CD of amazing Celtic music by a musician named Seamus Egan. I got one of his CDs through half.com, and am loving it. Brilliance.

For some reason, this post is quite random. So here's something else: I have 2 new favorite authors. Ted Dekker picks good topics and writes well. His trilogy (Black, Red, and White) took up most of my free time in the past few months. Recently, however, Douglas Adams' "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency" has been in front of my face for a while. I knew Adams was a great writer (I read "The Complete Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" one summer...832 pages of greatness), but this book reminds me of a wonderful friend's writing. Speaking of which...X10, if you're reading this, did Adams influence your writing of "Searching for Service" at all? Hm. In any case, I now understand jokes about horses in bathrooms and the lines "...beware, beware!/The flashing eyes, the floating hair!"

And this is the end of the Laedelas Greenleaf Variety Show. Thanks, folks, for listening!


Jason said...

--Yeah. Well, you basically know my views on Facebook. :-) But, to be fair, I should ask (if you don't mind me hijacking your thread), what are the main things that you (and anyone else reading this) like about Facebook?

RE Ted Dekker. I have mixed thoughts his books that I've read. He has obvious skill--brilliance, at times. Black was very intriguing. Red was great at times and confusing at others. But White really fell flat, I think. It felt as though it was rushed to meet a deadline, and the dialogue made me wince at times. I'd love to discuss aspects of the trilogy with other people, though.

I enjoyed Thr3e. The ending made me mad, but in a way that I have to give him credit for taking the author's prerogative to write the story the way he wants to.

MikeQ said...

I'm mean! boo hoo hoo!
Yay, facebook is back... for now.

Harry eats tiny wasps in cream and cookies.?.?.?

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Thanks, Mike. I really do appreciate it.

Jason, my reply was really long. So it's now a post :-)