17 July, 2009

73 New E-Mails

I have returned to my parents home, with many tales of God's incomprehensible grace to share. Thank you for being part of those stories. I hope to share them soon!

05 July, 2009

God's Promises

I am currently meditating on God's promises to me. A friend and I were talking, and the topic came up. I teach the 3-5 year-old class in my church's children's ministry, and one of the modules that I taught was on God's promises. It drove home the point that God always keeps his promises, which has been great encouragement to me. But tonight I was wondering exactly what God has promised me, and the few results I've come up with are astonishing. Eternal life, being an heir with Christ, a way out from temptation, gifts of the Holy Spirit, a spirit of power, love, and self-control...the list goes on. And on. I may add to what I know of this list, when it's not 1 AM the day before I leave for Zambia. Which of God's promises do you know about?

04 July, 2009

Independence Day

Pet peeve: People wishing each other a "happy fourth." You know, the British had a 4th of July, too...not every nation celebrates their independence.

I leave for the African continent in about 60 hours. To celebrate, I'm eating the most American food I can think of...hamburgers, hotdogs, corn on the cob, and chocolate ice cream. The next few days will (hopefully) be full of food I've never tasted before. I'd better eat my fill :-)

May you all have profound thoughts on the definition of "freedom" today.