27 September, 2009

Sunday Summaries Return

Some of my (very) long-time readers may remember the Sunday Summaries of the past. I've decided to renew the (almost) tradition. Ergo, the following post.

Today, my new church (what a bittersweet thought) celebrated their 25th year of existence. The sermon is not yet available, but you can find it here at some point soon. Video would be fantastic, since a lot of the service involved testimonies and drama etc. Regardless, I had a few notes I'd like to share.

  • John 15:1-11 came to mind at some point (don't remember the context). And then this word came... "Pray this would happen to Covenant of Grace! We are being pruned ...will we prove ourselves abiding in Christ? Only then will we bear fruit & survive the fire."
  • During J. Reyes' message, I heard the promise that God never lies. How refreshing!
  • The skit that illustrated the last 25 years of this church involved a part reflecting on the charismatic attitude during worship. I responded in my notebook with "I miss my charismatic roots! How countercultural can that be now, in a well-groomed age that has all the "answers" (i.e. Google)?


Well! What with all this "extra" time I have in my schedule after work, I've been making lots of sweet stuff with one of my housemates (not sure what to call him...working on that). Today we made Bailey's Truffle Fudge, and I highly recommend it. Before that we made ginger cookies and have made plenty of chocolate chip cookies too. I'm currently searching for a recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for my other housemate (the Faerie). Any suggestions?

21 September, 2009

Job Search = Over

Today I finally deleted all 4 job searches I had with Monster.com. Whew! There were times I thought I'd never disconnect from that website. I've had those searches going since February and March, and it paid off :-) Much thanks to God our Father, who provides to each in turn!

18 September, 2009

Land of Corn

Well! I have moved West! Not quite the Grey Havens, but you get the idea :-) I've had quite a few new adventures since moving. Many of them involve my daily bike ride. It's pretty cool--I wake up and have an adventure before I even get to work! I miss my Steel Town friends like mad, though. I feel like I have no social life, which is totally not true, but I'm used to having every evening and every weekend filled with friends to the max. Some wise lady I live with (we'll call her Galadriel) suggested I get my car fixed (did I mention a friend gave me her old car?!) so I won't go crazy living in the middle of all these cornfields. She didn't use those exact words...but that's basically where I'm living :-) A Steel Town friend suggested I get Twitter...I think that's a good sign I should blog more. 'Specially considering I spend significantly less time on the internet in my new surroundings.