26 November, 2009

Thanks Be

To God our Father, for his blessings are numerous.  His mercies endure forever.

Who can count his benefits?  Show me, if you can, the limits of his grace.
A new song I sing to my LORD, a song of gratitude and praise.  May my lifelong praise be as incense to him!

19 November, 2009

Small Epiphanies

"Truly, I have brought you low, in order that I may lift you up."
On Saturday I attended a recruiting event for Wycliffe Bible Translators, and found lots to love. While driving home the gravity of the opportunity came to bear on my heart. Should I leave (for two years? Five? Thirty?), I'd give up so much. Relationships would change in even more significant ways than they have since my last relocation. I'd give up my self-sufficient pride; in order to do this, I'd need to live off of the generosity of friends and supporters. I'd give up the opportunity to dance with a ministry I love. The weight of such things (most of them good gifts of God) began to pull me away from my desire for ministry. For the first time in memory, I wanted a "normal" life. I didn't even consider how I might minister here; I just wanted comfort. I knew it was wrong, and prayed for sanctification.

Wednesday was the worst day yet at my new job. Working overtime is fine, except when you've been working long hours for weeks, and your bosses are overstressed and show it, and your faults are not handled gracefully. A flicker of a thought came to mind...if I joined Wycliffe, I could escape this pressure cooker. I knew this thought was preposterous.

If I join Wycliffe and water the seeds that others have planted, it will be by God's grace alone. I cannot be motivated by comfort, or escapism, or a sense of adventure. I have a Commission, and it is calling me toward Wycliffe. I may not join or go overseas, and if I do it won't be for a while, but I am called. What can I do but follow?

13 November, 2009

"Scatter Post," As Samurai Might Say

It's been entirely too long since I posted last. So sorry.

1) A happy birthday to my dear friend, whom I've nicknamed Aragorn.
2) Tomorrow I am participating in an event which may lead to further involvement in Wycliffe Bible Translators. Prayer would be appreciated.
3) Yesterday I approached my boss about a situation at work which, to me, was immoral. This was the hardest thing I've done in a while, considering the situation was hardly a problem to most of my coworkers. By the grace of God, our conversation went well and hopefully a solution will prevent itself soon. I'd rather not quit, though am (of course) willing to do so rather than compromise my morals. Thanks be to my heavenly father, who is willing and able to sustain and guide me toward his perfect goodness.