20 September, 2007

"Normality" Cannot Reflect Reality

I said this today to one of my fencers as we compared "idiot" and "crazy." What we think is normal cannot actually exist-it's just a statistical number, as the other Coach (Chris) pointed out. Hm.

Boundless had something to say on this, too. It's a long article, but please go read it. There are quite a few gems in it. It made me wonder about Britney Spears' situation. I know, I know...her sad story is old news, is told too often, you're sick of seeing, reading, and hearing about her...but her situation has been bothering me. She was the idol of so many young girls just a few years ago! I know this all too well--I babysat one such girl. And Britney has become the scapegoat of those who share her thirst for a perfect image. Because she couldn't keep up the act, her act has changed to mocking herself (or so it would seem).

[Disclaimer: I do not approve of Britney Spears' works. I have heard her music, but not willfully. It's "good" music, but the lyrics are corrupted. Please do not go listen to her music or watch her videos because of this.]

How could society let this happen? Not that Britney's massive fan base had a responsibility to ensure her well-being, but why have we become so obsessive over pretensions? It's shocking to realize that our culture would pressure someone so much. Sure, she was a sinful being before achieving fame, but she couldn't keep the perfect image "together," and lost a lot because of it.

A lot of people are disgusted by her fall. I am saddened. She was a smart young woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. She is an example of what could happen to someone who achieves her ultimate goal.

What are the ultimate goals of people around me? How can I persuade them of the futility of any goal but that which glorifies God?

What is my ultimate goal?

We Don't Mess Around (HEY!)

This is my (re)new(ed) slogan. I think it's an old cheer, or something.

Heh, Mr. Pierson was just talking about our church's mission statement staying a mission statement, and not just becoming a slogan.

Oh well, I have a slogan. I've never had an "official" slogan before, but I loved this phrase years ago. Apparently, I lost my ability to stay focused some time near when I forgot the slogan. Ergo, it is renewed.

13 September, 2007


So, tonight Josh Harris taught me a bit about biblical masculinity & femininity, which is unfortunately a favorite sore spot of mine. Guys have to work at being biblically masculine! For years I've been resisting the traditional view of women, because it is supressive and certainly not complementarian (to clarify--personal views may not reflect this, but historically women have been denied many opportunities for growth and been put down by the men who claim to love them best). However, there are men out there who are also fighting this traditional view, even at the cost of their own comfort and status. I don't know why I didn't realize this before. No, actually--I do know. I was too proud of my "victim" status, of having to resist guys' attempts to control me and how I express my femininity. Viewing myself as a student, not a victim, would seem to encourage learning and friendship more, rather than getting upset when people try to change my mind and press me into a traditional female mold.

Thank you, Lord, for your grace in this area! I've been praying for relief, and though you are graciously allowing me to work through things logically, you also sustain me under temptation.

07 September, 2007

Poor blog

My apologies to you poor souls who continue to visit my blog, though I haven't done anything with it in a while. BUT, I plan to, and as proof, here is my recently-added post about New York City. If you read the whole thing, I'm sorry, but I do hope you read the last few paragraphs!