07 September, 2007

Poor blog

My apologies to you poor souls who continue to visit my blog, though I haven't done anything with it in a while. BUT, I plan to, and as proof, here is my recently-added post about New York City. If you read the whole thing, I'm sorry, but I do hope you read the last few paragraphs!


[Insert Name Here] said...

I admit my disappointment in your not posting. I love you and I love reading about you. So glad to know that your blog is not dead, such a good feeling to be alive [insert Mr. Rodgers theme song].

Why sorry? Reading the whole thing was sweet! The NY post cleared away the above mentioned disappointment & replaced it with inspiration and appreciation.

round xylophones utter queer consonance

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Thank you for appreciating my post :-P I am sorry, though, that you had to read one paragraph in particular that contained too many "thoughs" and was generally despicable. I've revised it :-P

Jason said...

Good! You're still blogging--or still will be blogging, or. . . something like that. **Who will be the first one to finally write a youth camp post?** (Speaking of which, do you have a team picture you could e-mail me?)