20 June, 2010

YOUTH CAMP 2010!!!

For the next few days, I will be living in the valley between two low hills, half an hour from the nearest Wal-Mart, and far from any Wifi signal. YESSSS!! I've shared several times about my Youth Camp experiences, and they were all fantastic. Please, be in prayer that God would use these 4 days to shower grace upon the youth, parents, and helpers who are attending. We are studying the Prodigal Son, and I hope he will move mightily. And I get to view it all from behind the sound board :-D Praise God!

19 June, 2010

Profile Photo

For those of you who are interested, and for the sake of artistic integrity, I would like to announce that the photographer of my new profile icon is Miss Lane Webb. A link to the original can be found here.

11 June, 2010

Love Languages for Techies

This article by Mike Sessler was funny and painfully true. Especially Point #1. My church does a great job of affirmative speech, and I really appreciate it! My only disagreement: Bacon =! physical touch. Food is REALLY high up on the "need" scale, though, especially on days when tech assignments stretch beyond 2 hours! And, honestly, when DON'T they go beyond 2 hours? :-P I'm so glad I get to do tech and kitchen at Youth Camp! Other than being a team leader, I can't think of a better set-up :-)

07 June, 2010


As some of you may know, I tend to live my life in a state of chaos. Organized (to me) chaos, but it's still chaotic. I've been pondering the value of simplicity recently, and have debated whether I should purge myself of possessions. This would hardly be a cure to my chaotic lifestyle, but it would help with the mess.

Books would be the first culprit (I love books, and borrow as much as I can, but still have quite a few), but then, what would I be throwing away? My language/linguistic books? Reference books? My Tolkien "shrine?" Fencing manuals? Childhood friends? Memories? Christian apologetics resources? Seriously?

Clothes would be next, and trust me, I would have very little regret should I discard all clothes but the necessary few. The biggest problem here is social norms. Appearances matter a lot; ergo, clothes matter. Ahh, for the good ol' days of 6th grade, when I had two pairs of jeans and two sweatshirts that I wore everywhere except church. Nowadays I wear my work uniform, bike jersey, fencing gear, church clothes, the occasional fancy dress...and of course, we can't leave out costumes. I love dressing up :-P

Currently, my floor is strewn with paint supplies. Grandma gave me a tube of gold acrylic paint, so I was exploring its uses the other day. I think I could get rid of all that, but people seem to enjoy my artistic endeavors with paint. Besides, I'm in the midst of (at least) two projects, and would hate to let those ideas die.

Conclusion: It's not the stuff, it's the Stuff Manager. It's not a matter of simplicity, it's a matter of managing resources.