11 June, 2010

Love Languages for Techies

This article by Mike Sessler was funny and painfully true. Especially Point #1. My church does a great job of affirmative speech, and I really appreciate it! My only disagreement: Bacon =! physical touch. Food is REALLY high up on the "need" scale, though, especially on days when tech assignments stretch beyond 2 hours! And, honestly, when DON'T they go beyond 2 hours? :-P I'm so glad I get to do tech and kitchen at Youth Camp! Other than being a team leader, I can't think of a better set-up :-)


samurai said...

It's been a long time since i served on a tech-crew... but that article was spot on! 8)

Loved it.

samurai said...

BTW - Had to share this one on Facebook BTW... love it!

a said...

The article seems a like a slightly bitter rant disguised as friendly advice...but I could have taken it wrongly.

We really do get a lot of love at church (thanks folks!), but I agree, more donuts and muffins would be excellent. Long live the tech team.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

@Samurai, nice :-P
@a, viva la techies!

GraceGurl said...

My family also does the Love Language! It's a great way to learn about how to love your family members in just the right way.