12 January, 2011

Love Hopes All Things

This weekend, I talked to my mom (again) about The Situation I'm currently in. She was supportive of my wild-eyed goal, and pointed out the obvious: I'm in a spiritual battle. Thinking about that last night, I laid claim on Mr. J's soul, by the authority of Christ, and demanded that Satan no longer use him as a tool of destruction. I felt odd asking for this of God, but I sensed an urgent YES and so prayed as I thought appropriate. It was freeing.

This afternoon, I read an article by my second-favorite preacher John Piper which enticed tears and laughter from my soul. "This is the love I have for Mr. J," the Voice said. "Only I am capable of this love, though I delight to show that love to and through you as well."

Spirit, you are giving me an opportunity for patient love. Please, give me the grace to grow in patience, that I may make the most of this opportunity.

08 January, 2011

Spinning Plates and Burdens

A friend of mine just blogged about God's grace. It was a bittersweet reminder that he is more than a safety net. He holds me together on a submolecular level. And yet, it was a twisting knife in my side. "Don't spin plates," they say. "Don't do God's job for him--that's pride. " And yet, when I'm faced with the worst temptation yet, and choices too big for my maturity level, they say "well, duh, that's wrong. Don't sin." Or, at best, "I'm sorry, but yeah...don't sin."

I'm too sensitive to this issue. But it's hard to be insensitive when one walks on the blade of a long, narrow sword, and the calluses just aren't there yet.

My solution? It's the same as Christa's. Live in God's grace. Honestly, it's hard to see temptation when God's love is taking all my attention. It is a sweet, sweet release.

P.S. Thank you for your prayers. God is quick to answer. Praise to the Almighty One!