08 January, 2011

Spinning Plates and Burdens

A friend of mine just blogged about God's grace. It was a bittersweet reminder that he is more than a safety net. He holds me together on a submolecular level. And yet, it was a twisting knife in my side. "Don't spin plates," they say. "Don't do God's job for him--that's pride. " And yet, when I'm faced with the worst temptation yet, and choices too big for my maturity level, they say "well, duh, that's wrong. Don't sin." Or, at best, "I'm sorry, but yeah...don't sin."

I'm too sensitive to this issue. But it's hard to be insensitive when one walks on the blade of a long, narrow sword, and the calluses just aren't there yet.

My solution? It's the same as Christa's. Live in God's grace. Honestly, it's hard to see temptation when God's love is taking all my attention. It is a sweet, sweet release.

P.S. Thank you for your prayers. God is quick to answer. Praise to the Almighty One!

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samurai said...

Wouldn't it be cool if it was that easy to just side step temptation and not sin. Wow... what an awesome world that would be. Oh, wait... then we would need a Savior... we wouldn't need Jesus. Hmm... don't think that is possible.

Praying for you to continue seeking His will, and the grace for wisdom about whatever plates you already have spinning. Which ones you need to let fall, which ones you need to maintain, and even if you need to add a plate here or there (the last one will almost always include the first one though).

God bless my fellow Eldar

~ john
(aka samurai)