27 September, 2009

Sunday Summaries Return

Some of my (very) long-time readers may remember the Sunday Summaries of the past. I've decided to renew the (almost) tradition. Ergo, the following post.

Today, my new church (what a bittersweet thought) celebrated their 25th year of existence. The sermon is not yet available, but you can find it here at some point soon. Video would be fantastic, since a lot of the service involved testimonies and drama etc. Regardless, I had a few notes I'd like to share.

  • John 15:1-11 came to mind at some point (don't remember the context). And then this word came... "Pray this would happen to Covenant of Grace! We are being pruned ...will we prove ourselves abiding in Christ? Only then will we bear fruit & survive the fire."
  • During J. Reyes' message, I heard the promise that God never lies. How refreshing!
  • The skit that illustrated the last 25 years of this church involved a part reflecting on the charismatic attitude during worship. I responded in my notebook with "I miss my charismatic roots! How countercultural can that be now, in a well-groomed age that has all the "answers" (i.e. Google)?


samurai said...

Sounds like a really good message and time at your new 'home'.

I too have 'charismatic roots'. I may have matured and come to realize that it is a response to, and not a source of, my relationship with Christ - but i prefer to ally with John Piper in being a Christian Hedonist. 8)

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

I love the phrase "Christian hedonism" :-)

Empyresubverter said...

Yes! I missed Sunday Summaries.

And fear not. There is still hope from the neo-charismatics my friend (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neocharismatic).

When the schumer hits the fan in this hemisphere, it'll be interesting to see how we, disorganized and hunted, balance exuberant and passionate worship with hiding from the Powers. Just a thought.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

I'm thinking that living a disorganized, hunted lifestyle will take lots of passion :-)

Lisa said...

Providence will be celebrating 13 years this year!

a said...

Man, what is it with Sovereign Grace Churches and fall anniversaries?

Please visit! Please email! Please... ack! I dunno do something that get's ya down here in some capacity!

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Lisa~ I know! Crazy, right?

A~ Check your e-mail.