27 September, 2009


Well! What with all this "extra" time I have in my schedule after work, I've been making lots of sweet stuff with one of my housemates (not sure what to call him...working on that). Today we made Bailey's Truffle Fudge, and I highly recommend it. Before that we made ginger cookies and have made plenty of chocolate chip cookies too. I'm currently searching for a recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for my other housemate (the Faerie). Any suggestions?


Breka said...

I don't have any gluten free recipes to offer, but if you want a great granola/power bar recipe I can hook you up! And also Irish soda bread and many other breads, including but not limited to banana bread.

Author at 661 said...

oooh ooh ooh - I don't have a gluten free recipe but know someone who would be THE person to ask: Mrs. Gorecki.

She made some really yummy cherry cookies for my graduation party. They were yummy little cakey cookies.

Shoot her an email... she's got a gluten free recipe for just about everything!

With love =]

Lisa said...

How many housemates do you have?

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Breka~ I would enjoy such a recipe. Do share.

Author~ Check your e-mail, please :-)

Lisa~ four. I think I'm going to nickname the one "Aragorn," based on the adventures we had today.

Anonymous said...

Interesting question concerning housemates. Did you fear that she just lived with me the "him"? Lolz! Aragorn sounds like a fine name for me--I bring up the rear, love the wilderness, and adore one of elven beauty whose dancing rivals that of Tinuviel herself.

I can attest--the Bailey's truffle was AMAZING! Be careful how you apply it though as we discovered that it appears that all the alcohol rose to the top and then froze into a tasty film. Doesn't really matter it just looks like mold is all. But mold never tasted so good!

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

ES~ Wait, why am I responding? You're sitting right next to me. Ha!