13 March, 2007

Facebook II

Blogging is fun. Competing for popularity is (in my case) not. So, why FB? I've already said that it's become a temptation to idolize the glory of men, which it still can be. I hope I've toned my response to it down, however. I still use it.

I use facebook because it's an easy way to make conversations and experiences public. In one webpage, anyone can (basically) combine the services of Flickr, Blogger, and MySpace as well as a social calendar. For some reason, people I know who posess AIM, a blog, and a photo website put more on FB than their other sites. Also, some friends don't answer e-mail often, rarely answer the phone, and aren't on AIM --but oddly will answer when I post on their "wall." So it's another form of communication. As with any form, it's easy to abuse and make the value of words decline, but so goes many things that the hands of sinful mankind has touched.

What do you think, Jason? :-P


Jon Daley said...

I am too old for most of these modes of communication - I use zephyr for instant-message-like communication - and none of your are old, nor geeky enough to know what that is... except my wife.

My thought on communication through blogs (and presumably through other media) is that it is a good starting point, but if the conversations don't continue into "real life", they aren't worth all that much.

"The Websters" said...

My name's not Jason, but I'll submit my comments anyway ;-)

I second the thought about conversation moving away from the computer & into "real life." I've come to realize that there is no substitute for talking face to face with someone. Reading every single post on someone's blog doesnt substitute for laughing with and spending time with them. The building of relationships should take place in reality, not in cyber space, at least for the most part. It can be GREAT to compliment with online communication though, especially with those who you cant see face to face as often as you'd like.

What you said about "idolizing the glory of man" and making the "value of words decline": I've had that same thought. Words are just words if there is no true heart-felt, feeling/conviction behind them.

I went to get a facebook, and realized that I dont belong to any group prominent enough to be on there =P

Jason said...

Thanks for answering my question. My response has been slow in coming because it also turned into a post.