04 March, 2007


Self, remember thy limits. Thou hast made note that thou wilt never "grow old" by curtailing activities simply for sleep, or demanding food and bed at regular times. I have news, Self. Thou art old. Thou feelest old, though thou have yet to curtail activities in favor of sleep or food. However, thou must realize that God designed thyself with limits to show his own unlimitedness. Darling, before thou explodes or shrivels or ends up in a psychiatric institute, please remember thy limits. And by respecting those limits, thou mayhap bring glory to God by showing his unlimitedness. Pretending to have no limits does not make God seem greater, O Little One.

Thank God my schedule will calm a bit next week. I've realized that I can't be a workaholic, as hard as I try. Remember this in the future, Self, when I'm tempted to become something I can't be, such as a SuperMom or a Do-It-All or any other impossible and futile things. God ordained limits. Right now, I am going to respect God's limit on wakefulness. Good night.

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