01 February, 2007

Anwering Prayer Must Be Fun

News on the job front:

Yesterday I was offered a job at a sub joint, eventually training to become a shift manager. The pay rate isn't as great as what I'm used to, but increases quickly and managerial experience will be good on a resume. I accepted.

Today I was offered 3 weeks of work (as much as I can take) with the physical therapy people. I love this job, and was amazed that the opportunity arose.

Praise God! He understands my needs and discerns them from my wants. The cloud of depression that had been plaguing me seems to have lifted. My father commented today on my cheeriness. I'm glad it's evident. Time for some hardcore praise dancing late some night... :-)


Rebecca said...

Congratulations on the job front! I hope it goes well for you. Keep me updated. Thinks are looking up here, too - I'm headed to Bolivia sometime late Feb/early March to develop an OE/ES/Equestrian program at a Christian camp. Oh wait, I may have already told you that...

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

You definitely did not tell me that! Cool! Hopefully I'll have time to talk to you when we're both online...or experiment with Skype, or something. I'll be praying for you!

A.Webb said...

Ah yes I know exactly who you are!
I dont mind you checkin us Websters out at all! & I love that you called us that =D The more commenters and readers the merrier. Glad you liked the video. What kid's stuff did you mean?