30 March, 2009

Musical Profiling

A friend of a friend recently drew up musical profiles of our mutual friend's blog readers. I was one of them. I find the results to be quite amusing.

My Top Ten Bands (on 28 February 2009...this changes constantly)
Antonio Vivaldi
Georg Friederic Handel
Joshua Bell
Mute Math
Seamus Egan
Michael Buble
Imogen Heap
David Crowder Band

My Profile [my edits are in brackets]
Probably oldest of the 3 [who responded to my friend's post]
Quite [quiet?] Reflective Type
Financially Stable

Amusing, no? He was wrong about being oldest, and I am not quiet (though I am reflective). And I'm financially stable compared to some, so I guess that's accurate, too. How accurate do you think it is?

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