22 March, 2009

7 Layer Bean Dip

In a super large platter (make sure it has a lip), layer:

1st Layer - 2 cans bean dip (mild or hot)
2nd Layer - 2 cans guacamole
3rd Layer - 1 c. sour cream mixed with 1 pkg. taco mix
4th Layer - 1 bundle of green onions, chopped
5th Layer - 2 tomatoes, chopped (drained)
6th Layer - 8 oz. pkg. Cheddar cheese
7th Layer - 1 sm. can black olives

This recipe has worked for me twice so far. It's great! My apologies to those who are looking for original content...thoughts on Mako Fujimara are forthcoming :-)


Breka said...

It sounds amazing. but you should make your own guacamole. I'd give you the really amazing cheese/chilli/bean/jalapeno dip recipe that my mom's family adores, but I can't remember it. It flippin' rocks, though.

Fuzzy said...

Sounds good. But I say save the hommade guacamole when it's NOT going to be sharing the stage of the Flavor Theatre with six other ingredients.

Graphicgirl said...

I also like to laugh at myself and just love life to the fullest. I live each day to glorify God. Thank you for your bean dip recipe. I will buy the ingredients and attempt to make it this week-end. It sounds awesome.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Hey Graphicgirl! Let me know how it goes. It was awesome, even the second time around.