21 March, 2009


So much good music exists. Allow me to expound.

Animal Collective
I learned about this band because of an acquaintance. She's a sweet photographer! And the band is weird. I love their sound. I hope they play a concert in my city some day soon.

This band I saw live at my sister's school. It was the first live music show I'd seen in months...besides Open Mic Night, which isn't really a show. Anyway. It was so worth the hourlong drive. Fantastic people. The lone female in the band was a mentor, of sorts, when I began to play violin with the worship team at church. I bought a CD, which I had no plans of doing. I have plans of not buying anything until I make $3,000 for Zambia, but apparently music is addicting.

Last Wednesday, I met a personal hero. More on that after I sleep a bit.


you guessed it said...

extrapolation is the process of constructing new data points outside a discrete set of known data points isn't it?
I'm confused...

Breka said...

Look girl, you're really falling behind in your keeping me informed of life duties. What's this about Zambia? And why have I still not heard about this personal hero? (Whose art I'm not a fan of, but whose insight is interesting.) Also, I'm lodging a complaint about the yellow writing on black of your blog. I'm already spending most of today prone on my bed to keep the world feeling stable. This is not helping :-P

Clear Ambassador said...

Thank you Mike. I wanted to say something, but I was like, "Eh, I don't want to be a deusch."


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

SORRY! I was rather inattentive due to lack of sleep. And, JPB, not to be vulgar, but you spelled something wrong in your comment...