13 February, 2009


Welcome to my new--well, different-- blog! A certain feline friend of mine texted me yesterday and said "I need ur username and password for Blogger to upload ur new layout." And I was like "oh? I have a new layout?" And this is what I found when I got home :-) Isn't it beautiful? As Jason noted below, I've always had a pre-fab design, which was adequate for my blog (I do love green), but really wasn't as unique as the blogger. So I'm happy that someone who knows HTML better than I has made it unique. The elf in the header looks remarkably accurate.

Changes, however, will probably occur, since there are always rough spots in transitions, such as my Flickr flash disappearing. Also, even though 99% of the people in my city identify with the colors of black and gold (as well as many outside of my city), it just doesn't resonate with my blog so much. Maybe because I associate black and gold with football, I just can't see it working in an elvish realm :-) So the green is on its way back.


Anonymous said...

For the record, you can put your filckr widget back the same way you put it there to begin with. :P

you guessed it said...

Crazy wicked awesome!!!