10 February, 2009


Thanks to Dord Defined, I heard this sermon and thought it would be worth remembering and sharing :-)


The Stranger said...

Hey shan, I found this comic and thought you'd appreciate a link. http://rocarts.com/sabrecat/2008/05/22/sneak-preview/


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yeah, dude! Thanks for sharing. It's pretty accurate at portraying the life of a fencer...though I've never been at the Olympic level of fencing, it has a lot in common with experiences I've had. Maybe I'll pick up a thing or two :-)

The Stranger said...

Also, nice new layout! I assume a feline did this for you.


Jason said...

Whoa! What a new layout!

I can't remember you ever having had anything but the standard green one before.

A crude dissection process enacted upon a mosquito that chose its prey unwisely