13 February, 2009

Edvard Munch

Images move me. This particular image I found because of the D'arte Board.

The Sun by Edvard Munch

I could stare at this painting for a long time and still be learning. Agh! This is why they say a picture is worth a thousand words...I can't really describe to you why I appreciate it. Edvard Munch used "blood" a lot to describe the substance of a sunset, and he got it here. It's elegantly violent, what with the water and rocks and shooting red/blue/yellow rays. And then the ring pattern around the sun. Some day I would like to get a large poster version of this and hang it in my studio space.

Please, please tell me you recognize this artist. Recently his most famous painting was stolen and damaged by the thieves. The news made me sick to my stomach.

Images move me.

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John Q said...

It is strange how one's upbringing gives context. I immediately thought of a monstrance (http://www.uvoc.org/Images/Monstrance.jpg), which, upon consideration, is probably mimicking the Sun.

sure had fun being outside