29 November, 2007

4 AM?

Hm, still not able to sleep. My left hand is numb; I can't feel the keys as I type. Weird.

Good news! I suppose...well, probably not. It turns out I am becoming a MuteMath groupie. Bummer. But I just bought their EP (Reset) off of half.com, where it had been previously priced at $35 ish. No, silly, I didn't get it for that much. Because I waited for 3 years (yeah, I knew about the band way back when they released the EP), I saved a whole $0.02!

I can feel my left hand now. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

You sound like you're not quite awake, but hey, that's not rare


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yeah, I wasn't. And it isn't. Boy, I really messed up my English, didn't I? It almost sounds like I bought an EP for $34.98, doesn't it? Weeeeird. I should stop posting in the middle of the night.

Jason said...

"Almost sounds like"? So it wasn't $34.98? Now I'm really confused. Maybe if I come back and read this post at 4am, I'll understand.

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

No, it originally sold for $8. So I got it for $7.98. Reading this post at 4 AM might be a bad idea; you probably have better things to do :-P

(Can you believe that, as moderator of the blog, I don't have word verification?)

Breka said...

I really thought you meant you'd bought it for $34.98...but over all, the post is more coherent than my writing is at 4am. Guess what I just bought on half.com? Yep, 'Walking on Water'. But I might give this one away, too, and buy yet another ;-) It's just one of those books...