05 December, 2007


Guys--it's officially Christmas :-) OK, fine, it's been "officially Christmas" since the day before Halloween, but I just realized it.


When I popped open a box of Sugar Plum Spice tea after frolicking in the snow for 20 minutes.

To celebrate, I'm posting in red :-D [EDIT-I never realized what red-on-green looks like. Sorry to those whose retinas were offended. It WAS red, now it's pink.]

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Breka said...

Not more posting in red, dear cuz, if you love me. Its not good for me eyes. Actually, tonight the whole computer thing is bad for the blinkers and the head, so I think yours is the only blog I'll be reading. Enjoy the Christmas season!

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yeah, I was wondering about that...I made the font bigger, hoping that would help. I also thought I should blog in red until Christmas day, but decided that would be too sadistic of me.

Fuzzy said...

Gah! The smoking holes where my eyes used to be agrees with breka.

At least change the background to something lighter if you want to keep going in red.

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

OK, ok, I changed it! So sorry!

Fuzzy (I never called you that until you moved away...weird), the "smoking eyeballs" thing reminds me of an obscure sci-fi short story I read once...it was creepy. So creepy that I forgot the title.

Fuzzy said...

My dear lady Greenleaf, I never use peoples real names on blogs, unless they use them first. I go by whatever alias they use, to protect the innocent. :-)