09 November, 2006

Daniel Bedingfield

I recently received my first CD from half.com. it's Daniel Bedingfield's CD Gotta Get Through This (his music is in the Pride & Prejudice movie below). His music is so interesting. It's pop, which is ranked right below pop country on my list of "music I'd rather not listen to," but the lyrics are killer. Most of the music has dance beats, though he does wander through a bit of rap, slow ballads, and a jazzy feel. However, he wrote and produced most of the lyrics and tracks in his bedroom studio, which I thought was sweet.

His lyrics mostly focus on love. He writes about very human emotions, but with such a purity of thought it's refreshing and exciting. Here are some of my favorite lines:

"So wrap your arms around me and
Kiss me 'til I'm dead"
(I don't find this morbid...it sounds like a long-term commitment to me!)

"He don't wanna have your children
He don't wanna build his life around you...
This place in your heart, that was made for me"
(Wow...more commitment in a love song!)

The whole song Honest Questions could be a quote in itself. It's just amazing.

The song Friday makes me laugh. Will anyone ever be that obsessed about me? I think it's sweet :-)

Gotta Get Thru This and If You're Not The One both seem to encapsulate the emotions I feel about this stage of waiting for a lover.

I wouldn't call his music cutting edge, but the lyrics drive the music. The music is appropriate, but not stunning. Still, he's got a couple of 5-star songs on my iTunes playlist!

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