08 November, 2006


*Don't think about poetry when you read this...think more about the flow of ideas and images that come to mind. It really should be performance poetry, but this is what I could do with words. Music would do wonders to facilitate the words.*

Do you realize
how lovely the stars are tonight
and your hand
so warm around mine
Is lovely too

Where is love
Where is joy
Where is peace

Where can't our relationship exist
I snuggle deeper
Beautiful words
You breathe on my face
Whispering to me

"I am love
I give joy
I bring peace"

When I can't see stars
Or think about tomorrow
For fear of pain
I know
Your words

Here is love
Here is joy
Here is peace

Sing softly, my King
I feel my heart falling
prey to your wooing
Astonished I let go
and surrender to your will

Sing of love
Sing of joy
Sing of peace

Now I laugh at tomorrow
Where are my worries
You have led me up
Into exhilaration
I sing

Full of love
Full of joy
Full of peace

No room
For anyone else

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