18 September, 2006

Mute Math

Anyone heard of 'em? I really liked Earthsuit...but these guys aren't too bad :-P They are having concerts in Columbus and Cincinatti on Nov. 10th and Oct. 31, respectively, for $12/ticket. Would anyone be interested in going? I'd like to, but not alone.

Why do I like them? They don't always use that typical 4/4 rock beat that almost every other rock song consists of. They mix ambient electronic sounds with sweet guitars, good drums, and a voice that's not too terrible-somewhat like Coldplay, but with more distortion and a faster beat. Their concert videos look like people have a TON of fun, too, which always is a plus. Their lyrics aren't hugely inspiring or whatever, but they aren't emo-angsty or preachy (and my sick mind may not be thinking straight either).

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