20 September, 2006


"It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all." ~~ Saint Augustine (or was it Lord Tennyson?)

Yes, my mind is on this topic again. What is love? I have given and received much of what I might call love, but not everyone thinks so. And, can I really classify what I'm giving or feeling as "love," or is it a selfish wish for reciprocation? Christ's crucifixion is the ultimate love story, of course, but is the rest of Christ's life an example of love? 'Cos dying to oneself doesn't seem to be the sole purpose of "love."

Fall leaf Originally uploaded by dotlyc.
Today the temperature felt significantly colder, and the leaves are starting to lose their chlorophyll. It's gorgeous, and the chilliness feels wonderful. I want to go pick apples as soon as this cold dries up. But for now, a wood fire would feel delicious. And a mug of apple cider. I wonder if we'll carve pumpkins this year.

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