21 September, 2006

The Gospel

Yeah...it's the Rebelution again. I found this video on their website, and despite the fact that I KNOW all of you can find it at www.therebelution.com, I wanted to reference it here for the sake of posterity. I loved this video.


Jason said...

Okay, okay, I'll comment! I was going to comment on this post, except that I have nothing much to say besides, Yeah, it's really well-done. It is, and now I've said it. And maybe my comment will make a difference for someone, and cause them to watch it now that they see someone besides you and Alex & Brett Harris urging them to watch it.
(Other non-commmenting readers of this blog, I'm talking to you.)

And I know, it does make a difference when someone comments. It prevents the NOIRSWAIWA* syndrome, among other things. I say we need to convince more people that blogging is superior to Facebooking.


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Blogging is way superior to facebooking. And we should design a t-shirt for threadless.com that declares it as such, and then people will think, "wow, it's on threadless.com so it must be trendy and true!"

NOIRSWAIWA syndrome is bad. It generally causes my writing to become disgustingly, superficially emotional instead of deliberate and more logical.

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