11 August, 2006


Well. I'm home from Europe. As I expected, I'm crashing emotionally and physically after a 3 week dash across a huge mixture of cultures. No, I don't have pictures yet, but I'm working on that, and yes, I had "fun." Now, define fun. Or not. Let's just say that I'll enjoy it more tomorrow, and yes I want to travel again. A week in Barcelona...a few months in Germany...hey, revisiting Paris might not be bad, since I don't remember anything...and London has more to offer than 3 hours of wandering, I'm sure...um, what's on the other half of the hemisphere, anyway?

Note to self: You enjoy people more than pictures or monuments. Next time you travel, make people the priority. Pictures should capture the moments you shared with people, not make cheap images of fantastic objects.

P.S. Nature can sometimes be better than people, even. When you get stressed out, fly to the Swiss Alps and eat blueberries. Or wander the Mediterranean shores. Or climb cliffs beside castles. Et cetera.


Jon Daley said...

Yes, that is what my Grandpa learned after years of traveling around the world. He found that the people pictures are less interesting to share with other people, but better for himself.

Bubs said...


Freddy broke some large jar

Rae said...

True. In many ways. Actually, my Mom is of the same opinion so take heart dear lady all is not lost. You learned something and that is in and of itself utterly priceless!! Besides if you hadn't looked at the monuments you wouldn't know the people were better! LoL! ^_~ *wink*