27 August, 2006


Actually, that should be "wistful." But the misspelling sounded good :-)

Tomorrow I head into the dank, grungy depths of Oakland once more. I'm not looking forward to it, so I'm working on a change of heart. But change doesn't often come for the asking.

Sovereign Grace's latest musical effort, "Valley of Vision" has been incredible. It's hopeful, unlike their latest projects, and much less condemning. Some of the songs pull my heart down, and I want to cry just to cry. But then I listen to the words, and I remember redemption. "You're near with every breath!" "I come runnin' to you! There my soul finds rest!" "All that I need is in you, Jesus!" Speaking of the lyrics, Stephen Altrogge has grown incredibly as a songwriter (and a good friend of my tween years is marrying him!).

So, to what am I really looking forward? (Hey, check out that non-preposition-ended sentence structure!) I get to FENCE, which is always amazing in ways I can't explain. Both coaching and competing, the latter of which I would really like to do. I also get to explore friendships more easily, since it seems there are more people my age in the area, I have a license to drive, and I don't have class on Mondays or Fridays. So weekends should be fun...if I'm not working like crazy. I'm also looking forward to God, if that makes sense.

The other day I decided that I'd try to make God my "lowest common denominator." In terms of entertainment, this phrase is usually derogatory and refers to visceral, animalistic movies etc. (Talladega Nights comes to mind, but I've never actually seen that one.) I use this term to describe the "baseline" that I want to have. People often talk about "mountain-top experiences," but I want God to be always there, regardless of my emotional state. Of course he's "there," but I'm referring to what I first reach for when I'm tempted to let emotions run away with my mind.

HEY! Brilliant idea for posterity...Now that I've become the joker as part of John and Kayte's fitness competition, I should try reading books while cycling on the stationary bike. Or kickboxing to some Curtis Allen.


Clear Ambassador said...

Or heck, how 'bout just kickboxing Curtis Allen? :-P


Clear Ambassador said...

Very Weird Words May Accidently Overcome Vain Quinlisks

(Hit "enter" at the wrong point back there)

Jason said...

"It's hopeful, unlike their latest projects, and much less condemning."

I assume your talking about Worship God Live (I don't remember them having many other recent releases. . . maybe Fuse? I have only heard that once), but I have to say I can't think of what specifically it is about which you are talking.* Personally, I really like "Jesus, Thank You" and "Surrender All."

* sentence structure altered to avoid ending with a preposition

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

It may just be my church's interpretation of the music, but some of the hymns of late (The Look for example) have been rather depressing. In my opinion, we don't sing many "fun" worship songs. I actually haven't heard much of SG's latest stuff, though Fuse sounds interesting.

The sentence-that-ended-with-a-gerund was pure brilliance :-) Just like language should be.

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Jason said...

I couldn't remember the lyrics or melody to "The Look" based just on the name, so I looked it up. It's actually a John Newton song with "new and alternate lyrics by Bob Kauflin." It's also not toooo recent (2001), but (obviously, by the fact that I couldn't even remember it) I wouldn't say it's a favorite of mine either. IMHO, the best CD they ever put out was King of Grace.

Speaking of favorite songs, does your church sing "You Are Holy"? (I think it's by Michael W. Smith)

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