12 July, 2006

WOW long time no post

OK, so...everybody has a cellphone. And my mind has fractured. Again. Quick update:

Alcohol: So I went to Mad Mex and hated margaritas, but the mango/lime drink I had with vodka was really good. My fave so far is tequila, the really woody-tasting kind. John was kind enough to share, so I had a wee taste. The taste lasted for MINUTES!!!

Work: Stressful, but it's my fault for working 12 hours on most days. 3 categories... Secretary job: Still not the most exciting thing--I can't wait until we move. PT tech: Pretty fun, the therapist is starting to talk to me :-P Fencing: like, WHOA! 4 hours of 16 elementary-aged little kids with weapons is STRESSFUL! But we (all) still have fun.

Sleep: Last weekend was crazy. I slept more than 12 hours for 3 days in a row. My general health is way bad considering that I'm constantly running from place to place and not eating and not sleeping during the week and Europe is stressing me out. But as per John's suggestion, I started doing sit-ups in the morning. I hit the snooze button and do sit-ups or leg lifts for 3 minutes until the alarm goes off, and then devotions. Speaking of which...

Spiritual stuff: I have had no huge "revelations" of theology recently. Those are my favorite. However, God's been teaching me about fellowship with believers and non-believers. Also, a lot about love. My Sunday Summary will be up soon, I trust.

Babies: I love them! I visited my best friend (from childhood) on the weekend of July 4th, and held her firstborn for the first time. Amy laughed at my reaction to holding Angela; I looked up and said, "I want one!" "You gotta find a prince first," she said, leaning on Tony. I glared back. I suppose this is how married friends tease single friends. Until my prince speaks up, though, I'll just go crazy over Angela. The sweet thing made me cry! She's so precious, and she's Amy's own flesh and blood! What a miracle! *sniff* Amy is my newest hero :-)

Children: I love them, too! On Sunday our church had its first picnic. People played volleyball almost all day. If they weren't playing volleyball, they were eating or drinking or chasing little kids who had water balloons. My arms do not like volleyball, so I spared them the torment and tossed the friz, played "grassketball" and soccer, got wet, got others wet, and played "pirate ship" on the playground. I was Captain Barbossa at first, but Thomas decided he was captain and I was a pirate princess. Sarah Calvetti put flowers in my braid, which got my hair all sticky, but was really sweet. Mrs. Pierson told me I "looked like the Pied Piper" at the end of the day because I had a horde of children running after me :-)

Violin: Cool! After the picnic I gave Katie Caldwell her first violin lesson, which was probably frustrating to her but I think she'll do really well. Our next lesson will probably be in a month because of my European tour. THEN on Monday Lisa brought over an old violin she inherited from a great-great aunt. She wanted to play, but her violin was out of tune. So I tried tuning it, and then realized the strings were on the wrong pegs...and the bridge was in the wrong place...and the tailpiece was too far forward, etc. So I ended up dismantling all the loose pieces and putting new strings on. (She has bona fide catgut violin strings! I didn't touch that set of strings-they're too valuable :-) ) But because I moved the tailpiece, the wire holding it down refused to stay in place and Lisa ended up without a functional violin. Oh, and I snapped the bridge in the process >{ but there was a spare :-P So now I have a violin student and a wonderful old instrument that needs a wire thingy. Sorry, Lisa! I REALLY hope to fix it before I leave for Europe, and then we can play for real :-D

Europe: If you really want to know, ask me in person or send an e-mail. There's a lot going on. But I'm trying to decide if I should get a new blog for Europe, just post on this one, or get one of those travel-blog thingeys out there. Perhaps I'll just keep it to an e-mail list and post selections of my e-mails to my blog. What do you think?

Local travel: I got my driver's license today. Hopefully I won't be such a burden to others now.

Uhy-yuy-yoi, as my coworker would say. I wonder what life will look like in a week.


Breka said...

Europe...ah yes...the great stress and the great excitment. I, too, am considering the blog problem. I think I will send email updates - it seems slightly less complicated than blog posts for some reason. Not really sure why. I was thinking about just posting on my blog only, so I didn't have to mess with addresses, and people that didn't want to know didn't have to see. But really, it doesn't take much to click delete. I don't know...I don't know. I also don't know what I am packing and I don't know how we are getting from the London airport to Olave House. Must go figure such things out.

Clear Ambassador said...

Mmmm, tequila! I weep for the alcohol that prevents me from drinking it more freely and frequently.

My mind has no capacity for realistically imagining you crying over a baby. But maybe it's better that way.

Princes are in short supply. But you'll always be a daughter of the king.

{whoo, that's either disgustingly sappy, or wonderfully sweet and encouraging. My vote is for sappy}

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Clear Ambassador said...

This comment is pretty much just so I can do the acronym thing. I will justify it by saying that your life sounds crazy and it was good to put an update in your blog. Yay.

Do Your Own Research, Xenophobic Horrifingly-Unusual Quinlisks!

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

X10~ I believe we have an appointment in Paris to make, as well. Don't let the Tube get you down! :-P

CA~ When a really good friend, like maybe Steve or Dan, has his first child, you'll understand. It's different than other friends' babies, it's more meaningful, somehow. Not to say that other babies aren't, but it's different when you know the parents really well and have watched them grow through pregnancy (not just moms :-P) Maybe it's different for guys, however.

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Jason said...

I love the total randomness of your opening. I think we're (assuming, based on what you said, that you meant everyone else) a dying breed. Actually, I figure at some point I'll end up getting a cellphone, but, until I actually need one... nah.

Regarding your question about vacation blogging: I'm not sure what I think. It could keep things simpler for your readers to keep everything on this blog. But if there's another blogging site that would better suit you for picture blogging (if that's what you meant by "travel-blog thingeys"), maybe you'd want to get a new one.

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Jason- I was quoting a Relient K song that often pops into my head when my mind is churning really fast. I have a cell phone, but it was through my parents' discretion.

Do you want e-mail updates? I'd love to give 'em...e-mail me at laedelas@NOSPAMgmail.com...minus the NOSPAM part, of course.

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