29 June, 2006


"It tastes exactly how it smells."
"Oh, you don't like it?"
"I never said I didn't like the smell of beer!" *demure smile*

I went to an Irish Pub (Molly Brannigan's) tonight and had my first beer. Chris insisted that I have Guinness, despite my request for a Killian's Irish Red. Well, he bought the beer, so...I guess it's his choice. "I'm not drinking this if it's bad, you know," I said. "Yes, you are! Drink the whole thing!" Whatever :-P I had Shepherd's Pie along with my Guinness.

For some reason it was good before dinner, terrible during dinner, and then went from mildly repulsive to pretty good after I finished eating. I had about half a glass left and let Nate have it, but my taste buds wanted two more swigs so I indulged them. It would have been better if it were colder, like below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. It was pretty warm after dinner, which is when I started getting thirsty for it.

Nate got a Killian's Irish Red and let me have a sip. This would have been a much better pre-meal beer, and seemed more lively. I still think I'd prefer the Guinness after dinner. Anna got "snakebite" which was fizzy and only slightly alcoholic. That seemed like a fun beer.

I have a slightly annoying headache, which I think is from the alcohol, and I'm not tired at all. This surprised me. I still want to taste red wine and see if that makes me sleepy. Oh, and you notice how my sentences and paragraphs are shorter than usual? I wonder if that means my mind is thinking slower or has a decreased RAM capacity, or something.

I was pretty quiet during dinner, mostly because Chris was talking a lot :-P But I was trying to gauge my body's response to alcohol. I had a few sips, then started swigging just to see if anything would happen. If it was, I didn't notice much. However, when Chris mentioned the Latin in The Once And Future King by T. H. White, I laughed so hard. The book pokes fun at Latin, but you have to know Latin to get the joke. But anyway, it seemed like people were looking at me strangely...was I laughing too hard? Did they think I was drunk? Hehe. Was I?

Chris said he'd come to church if I convinced his wife to come, and he sounded interested in the Church picnic. Isn't that so cool?! Maybe they'll come and I'll invite her to church. As Chris got up to leave, he said, "It was a pleasure meeting you all; I don't know when I'll see you again..." And Domenica jumped right in with, "well, you'll be there Sunday right?" Haha! I hope he does come eventually.

Lisa and Nate and I got ice cream and went for a walk in a large, old graveyard after that. John and Jon called, so I chastized both of them for not being there, even though John was in class and Jon said he was wrestling bears. I'm miffed that *I* didn't get any calls! *tsk* The graveyard was fun, even though I accidentally knocked Lisa over while trying to climb a tree. The bed-shaped headstones aren't very comfortable, by the way. :-P Lisa then dropped me off and we decided she'd get a job around here and move in with me :-) That would be so fun.

So, I had half a Guinness, a few sips of Killian's Irish Red, and a sip of that Snakebite stuff. Not bad for a 21st birthday celebration, eh? I'm curious about mixing drinks now... :-)


Bubs said...

You drunkard!!!
I never "felt" anything as I was drinking either (yet!)

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Clear Ambassador said...

Who is Chris?

You won't feel anything from half a brewski + food. Have a full one one a relatively empty stomach, and then get up and walk :-) Stuff just shifts a little different than expected. And yes, you laugh harder and longer, until you realize it. Ken had a really good point one night, over scotch: Nobody truly loses control while drinking alcohol. They give it away. They decide to drink more, and they decide to let themselves go with the influences of it. Most people actualy just use alcohol as a cover for acting more uncontrollably and differently. They can let their true selves come out more, but they can blame it on "oh my gosh, I drank SO much tequila last night!" the next morning. As always, Ken's observation threw all I'd unquestioningly believed and been told into a totally different light. So, yes, you'll feel it sometimes, but it's definitely not out of your control.

You definitely still need to try some Chivas Regal. Another drink for another night...

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Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Chris is the head coach for my fencing team (check out the link on the sidebar).

My coworker told me about "lemon drops," take a lemon and coat it in sugar, then drink a shot of good vodka. Immediately suck on the lemon. I don't know what vodka tastes like, but the lemon sounds good :-P

I've said this before...I wish Ken would talk more on the few occasions that we meet!

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Rae said...

Comparatively speaking I feel like the baby of y'all!! BTW I need to know the specifics of the up - and - coming event!! Cause I will need a ride, as will Kat!!

Don't drink too much!! - I actually tasted beer a LONG time ago, yeah, don't ask, and it was like hm . . . I shouldn't actually TYPE that!! So needless to say I intend to avoid it. But whatever!! If you enjoy it do it modestly. But I HIGHLY doubt that I need to tell you that!! BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! YAY!!! You're 21!! *starts dancing and pulls out a squirt gun and shoots you!!* THAT is your birthday squirt!! Have fun, which you probably did!!

BTW, I wanna know who won. The bear. Or Jon!! Also the whole word verification thing is entirely amusing to me!! I can just see y'all doing it with these HUGE grins on your faces!!