29 June, 2006

My Mind

Yes, that organ is full of odd twists and perilous paths. Today I came up with a brilliant idea: I should have a place for things! Listen, kids, it's bad news when you find an undeposited pay check from MONTHS ago. Ouch. So, I came up with an organization plan. My desk is now clean, and I'd like to keep it as only a temporary cache for random items. Ergo, I'm taking my paychecks and stuffing them in one of my pots by the window as soon as I get them. Once they're cashed/deposited, I'm taking the pay stub and writing down the amount in my check register, then I'm going to write a check with that pay check's tithe amount on it and stick it in my Bible. Then that stub is going into my files. I'm taking all of my Europe stuff (Passport stuff, Eurail pass that I just got in the mail, travel guide, etc) and putting them in a laundry hamper until after the trip. Everything is clearly labeled, so nothing should get lost under my trash can and get destroyed :-P I have no hope for organizing my reading material, so I'm just stacking that on a small table next to my bed for whenever I want to read. How's that sound for a plan? Maybe this'll avoid spending an hour every month fussing over my monthy statement.

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