01 May, 2006

Traveling Far Into The Night

The semester is a few hours away from ending. Finally. Here I am, "at the end of time. Speak to me slow, take my hand, hold me down...I go on into the night...at the end of time." For some reason, Johnny B's song just popped up on iTunes, and I was like, whoa, it's the end of the semester! I might actually get an hour or two of sleep tonight! But, I really shouldn't.

This song describes me right now. Cruising along, my mind distracted from the here and now by thoughts of what might be and thoughts of the end. So much for Thomas Belmonte. This has been such a crash & burn ending of a semester.

"What you said is what is right, and the night will be gone, at the end of time."

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Clear Ambassador said...

Thanks for liking the song! It's pretty amazing to have someone else pay attention to a song you've written. Glad it has some meaning for you!

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