11 May, 2006

The Semester In Review

"Hey! Welcome to Thoughts of A Wood Elf! It's the end of another semester, and tonight I'm hosting a guest, Self! So, Self, how did I like the semester?"
"Well, to be honest, it was hard."
"More annoying professors who evaluate you in the worst way possible, eh?"
"No, actually, the semester was going wonderfully until Spring Break. I mean, it had its rough spots until that point, but I was having fun in my busy life, and getting better grades."
"Wow. What happened?"
"You probably know, but I got really sick. My Doctor thought I had mono for a while, but it was bronchitis, pink eye, a cold, and a sinus infection that lasted for about 4 weeks. It was a killer. I decided to blow off a weekend and go to a Switchfoot concert as I was recovering, which was fun but exhausting. As I was trying to do 3 weeks of school in 1 week, I learned that my aunt's cancer, which we thought was dormant, was actually terminal and she died 3 days after we learned this. And I was preparing for final exams. I missed my aunt's funeral so I could perform in my West African Dance recital, and had to push thoughts of her away until the testing was over. My last two projects were due Monday, May 1, and I stayed up all night to be able to turn something in that morning. I began working full-time at an optometrist's office that day, so I had no rest."
"Have you recovered?"
"Yeah, don't worry. My health seems to be returning, although I can't say the same for the physical stamina I once had."
"So, Self, how did you begin this semester differently than the others?"
"Well, I prayed a lot more than I had before. School is not my top priority, as I've said before, but a yearly $5,000 scholarship was hanging on my GPA, and this was the last semester I had to make it up. So, I definitely hung a lot more of my worries on God."
"What happened to the scholarship?"
"I lost it."
"Does that make you sad?"
"No, actually. I was expecting it to, but God has constantly amazed me with my wonderful friends, showing me his amazing providence through their care and concern. Lisa was an amazing help, hanging out at any and every time I needed someone. Thanks, Lees! Nate, the Behrenses, Wes, Kayte...oh, I just got a letter in the mail from Kayte the other day. She's so cool."
"So, your friends sustained you?"
"No, I wouldn't say they sustained me, but gave me practical evidence of God's amazing grace, and made it clear that they loved me when I had absolutely nothing to give back to them. I can't thank God enough for them. Losing the scholarship was sad, and life won't be so easy as it once was, but I no longer feel pressure to 'perform' in school like I used to. It's ok that some of my friends *coughJohn* have 4.0's, and I don't."
"Would you consider that as fear of man?"
"Well, yes and no. My GPA wasn't a secret, but I did feel a need to be an 'intellectual' person, and my GPA would be proof."
"Have you learned anything else from this semester?"
"Not having class on Fridays is AMAZING!! I didn't necessarily get all of my school done, but I was able to sleep in for a day and focus on schoolwork more than I could on Saturdays. I think I'm going to arrange for that next year, too."
"What have you been studying in your devotions this semester?"
"You know, it's really interesting that you ask about it, because Nate and I had a long convo about that very thing after I got sick. He referenced a Q&A with John Piper that led to a long conversation about the importance of daily communication with God. He encouraged me to begin daily devotions again, so every morning I'd throw my Bible in my backpack & read on the trolley and the bus. It worked out well, and I've continued the habit, excepting finals week, into my work-a-day world."
"Well, that's amazing! Thank God for his grace!"
"Yes, I am daily amazed at his grace. 'Smile moments,' as I've called them :-)"
"Thanks for being a guest, Self. I look forward to seeing you soon!"

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Wes said...

nice interview! one of my fave personas. :-)

Glad to see yet another school year has finished and you're still surviving.(not that I ever had any doubt) Keep goin' dear friend, and know I'm behind you all the way.

BTW, I don't give a darn about your gpa when it comes to you intelligence. ;-)