13 May, 2006


I just spent 5 hours shopping. No headache! This is the first time I can remember shopping for clothes and not getting a headache. I went for dress shirts (for work), and came home with 5 shirts, a sweater, a vest, a skirt, a belt for the lawn mower, 6 slices of pork chop, 2 loaves of bread (braided, of course), chocolate, deodorant, and 6 pairs of socks. I got nervous...what if I start to enjoy shopping for clothes? And then, I remembered that we had to visit 6 stores to get those items. So much for convenience. Well, the thrift store was convenient...I got most of my clothing items there. Anyway. That's the story of my Saturday evening.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I certainly would have had a headache, or at least a backache, after that much shopping. I wouldn't worry that you actually would start liking shopping - for a person like you (and me), this success will just help you get over sooner the initial dis-motivation next time.
-Heather Daley