27 January, 2006

I was accused of "fondling" the pages of my book

"The right of conquest...is the only right that receives respect since it is the only one that makes itself respected. The sole and proud origin of property is force. It is born and preserved by force. In that it is august and yields only to a greater force. This is why it is correct to say that he who posseses is noble." (the monk Bulloch, in "Penguin Island" by Anatole France)

Ouch. How accurately those sentences describe my feelings about my "things." And, yet, that is also how I treat my "rights." Do I not fight for the right to keep my room private when my siblings enter, unannounced? Do I not violate the "rights" of others if they say or do nothing to counteract my violations? Once again, I am convicted of belligerence.

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