26 January, 2006

Ha ha.

Ha ha ha. I found out today that my preference for Trax Farms apples is considered unusual in the retail market. Oh my.

We discussed online retail today in my SciFi class, specifically applying to groceries and how online grocery stores aren't quite a big hit. One of the articles we were (supposed) to read was written in 1969, describing a woman who spent 10 minutes in front of her TV looking at pictures of groceries and pushing buttons to order the items. Hm. Sounds like online shopping to me...creepy, isn't it, that the Harvard Business Magazine was predicting in '69 what we can experience today? I enjoyed the discussion, though my prof said I was an "outlier" :-P.

*sigh* I have to watch "Jurassic Park" for this class. How boring is that? *tsk* (yeah, I'm reading the book, too)

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