12 January, 2006

Arthritis Alert

Yesterday and today were definitely Arthritis Alert days. And if such a thing doesn't exist, I just "existed" it. And I have proof. Both my feet and my old lazy bum of a cat felt stiff as boards and cramped as sardines. I forced the poor kittie to move a bit, since I know that it helps, but I couldn't do for him what I do for myself.

*...long sigh...*

I thank God upon every remembrance of my paraffin bath. And I am not kidding. That thing works miracles on achy, stiff joints by the grace of our Father. I'll get an "amen" from my friends when they grow older, I know :-)


Bubs said...

you just "existed" it???

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yes, I did. And since when do you read posts this old?? And at work? :-)

I cannot figure out the html tag for italics. Ah, well.