24 October, 2005


Wow, life is good. Thank you God for the roses.

Why is life good? DUH!!! I had corrupted myself so badly that my Creator could no longer bear to look at me. "How could I be separated from my creator forever?" I didn't have the sense to ask myself this, but God certainly answered for me. Lavish love and amazing grace! Sweet mercy! God didn't just clean me off. He completely remade me.

Not only has God done this, but he has promised me life in his eternal museum (of sorts), and there I will never tarnish or fade or become worn. Forever will I declare the glories and mysteries of the One.

Not only has God done that, but he has blessed me with so many amazing things in this temporal life of mine. Yes, the new house is spacious and (soon-to-be-more) beautiful, but he has provided me with a wonderful family and scores of friends to fill it. As well as food and furniture :-) Thanksgiving, HERE WE COME!! BRING 'EM ALL ON!!!

Not only has God shown me his love this way, but he gives me amazing things with which to entertain myself and drive my soul to even deeper worship and love. Yes, I am talking about Audio Adrenaline. Say what you may about the vocalist's voice, but that band really speaks God's words to me. "Good Life" is one of their best songs, and when I die, I want that song to be played at my funeral. "This is the good life! I've lost everything I could ever want and ever dream of. This is the good life! I've found everything I could ever want in your arms!"

Computer speakers are really not good for listening to music through.

As you might be able to tell, my mind has fractured like light through crystal into the amazing rainbow of God's goodness.

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