01 November, 2005

Switchfoot weekend...part 2

The concert was great, despite the "manhandling" incident. I think Nick Chima came up with that word :-P

Afterwards, the masses of people related to Sovereign Grace churches decided to go to Steak & Shake. Yummm...We filled up a whole wall of the restaurant at 1 AM, and our total bill was humongous. I think we gave the waitress the biggest tip she'd probably ever gotten at that restaurant.

It had been decided that Katie and I would repose at the Tumino Residence, so Craig graciously took us home with him in the below-freezing weather. Their house will forever remain in my mind as a house of repose, like Elrond's house. The couch was more than comfortable, and it already had sheets and blankets waiting for us! The Tumino girls were very gracious hostesses, and didn't seem to mind that we walked in after 2:30 AM.

Colin woke me up the next morning. He is such a darling. The moment he saw us on the couch, he said, "Look! There's Katie and Shannon! I like them." I like you too, Colin! What a pleasant wake-up call :-) I hope we can build up more friendships with the Tuminos.

Okaaaay...class isn't here, but the rest of my life is. Plus, my fingers are tired. So I'll finish the rest of the move/switchfoot story later....zzzzzzzz

NOTICE: I've lost connection to the online world for the next 10 days, due to our move. I will answer e-mails infrequently, and will only have internet access when I'm on campus. Apologies.

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