22 October, 2005


Yes, I live a sheltered life.

A friend bought my siblings and me pumpkins for carving tonight. 'Twas ridiculous fun! We don't celebrate (or whatever verb is appropriate here) Hallowed Eve, nor dress up or give out candy for trick or treatin'. But the pumkins were still a riot. My sister is so squeamish!! And raw pumpkin doesn't taste that bad. Rather starchy. We found some REALLY sweet pumkin carvings online!

Here's mine (I like the jazzy spotlight effect):

here's mine and Ryan's (the HomeStarRunner theme-the Cheat and StrongBad):

here's my sister's and my brother's (the big mouthed face will eventually have pumpkin guts spewing out):

Thanks, Ryan! I plan to get another pumpkin or carve the other side of this one and put a cat in silhouette. Smashing fun! (did I say that? Perhaps I'll do that someday :-P)

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