16 September, 2005

Sin, Pride, and Edification

This was brought up in a recent (very recent) convo with a good friend. What, exactly, is appropriate to post on a blog? I consider this place to be an outlet of mine, whether creative or psychological. If others read my blog, then how can I put things on here that I consider to be deeply personal?

This incidence that I am thinking of involves specific sin and how I struggle with it. I realize that, before Christ, all sin is an offense, but this particular manner of sinning has a lot of social consequences that so-called "little white lies" don't. For my own sake, it would benefit me to write about this issue and discuss how I have dealt with it and what I have learned from hearing about others who have dealt with it, too. Who knows? Maybe close friends of mine have struggled with this and have also been afraid to discuss it. But I am afraid of the judgment of others, and concerned that, if they read about this area of my life, it would do anything but edify them. Rather, it might tear down walls that God put there to protect them.

My friend brought up pride. What an ugly word. Am I too prideful to confess this sin and deal with it? Am I too prideful to talk about it freely with others in order to edify them? Am I afraid of what confessing this sin would do to my reputation? In all of these cases, there is definitely an aspect of pride that I need to deal with. Though I deceive myself into thinking that my reputation really reflects who I am, I will definitely say that, if certain people heard of this, then I'm sure their skin would crawl and our relationship would diminish greatly.

In some cases, however, there is also the possibility that such free discussion would bring relief to a few of my friends.

I will seek the Truth presented in God's big letter to me, since my brain is obviously inadequate to tackle this problem.

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John B said...

Well, bravo for being willing to consider it, and bravo for not just blankly deciding to do it. Yeah, that Letter God wrote is pretty good with stuff like this!

You do know that everyone who reads this is wondering what the heck that sin was, right? Ah, the perverted appeal of undisclosed evil. Human nature is messed up.