13 September, 2005

Paint...'n' stuff

So, I think I have decided how to paint my new bedroom. Upon consultation with my mother, I've scrapped the idea of taking my huge painting of tiger lilies and trying to use the background as a model for the paint patterns on my walls. It'd make my room look too much like a swamp because of the dark greens and blues.

So, I've changed my idea from years ago that consisted of painting wide stone columns and patches of sky between the columns. Now I'm planning to paint white marble columns with some gold leaf at the top. Not only will this keep my room bright but un-boring or predictable, but since I'll have a wood floor and would like to cover at least one long wall with mirrors, the clouds and columns will blend in with the mirrors rather unobtrusively.

Of course, this will have to take place at a much later time than now.

Huzzah (sorry John) for the Eisley/switchfoot concert!

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