12 September, 2005

Et mea corpus et mens et spiritus gratiant Unum Deum

All of me thanks God's providence tonight. Thank God for a wonderful weekend, wonderful friends, wonderful food, and something else...I think I may be onto some sort of regular sleep schedule. Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up :-)

...In other news, I think I may still have the mind of a child. Not only would I rather run around with the Pierson/younger set of Hughes boys and bash each other with wooden swords and PVC pipe than sit around a table and talk (I don't know the subject of conversation...I wasn't there :-D ), but tonight I was watching the moon...it was on the Western side of the house. As I sat contemplating the night sky, I wondered..."I suppose we'll have to go to the Eastern side of the house to see the moon when we're in our new house. I mean, we're on the Eastern side now (and it's on our Western side), but we'll have to switch places since we get a new vantange point." It then struck me that such a big distance to me will mean hardly anything in relation to viewing the moon. Once again, I was struck by how large God is. The moon is so far away! But that distance means nothing to God, because he is not trapped by time or physics or biology or even being. HE JUST IS. So amazing.

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