17 September, 2005

Music...'n stuff

One of the reasons why I love the internet...music is easily available, and I am therefore able to hear more artistis and discern those who are worth my $$ as an investment. Two such examples that I wouldn't have heard of if it were not for the internet and the music I heard there:

Sarah Brendel
She's a Christian artist from Germany, and if you know anything about Christianity in Europe, you'd be amazed at how well she's done. I love her attitude and humble spirit. Oh, and her music is excellent :-P Some of it reminds me of Silbermond (German for Silver Moon), but with much better lyrics.

These guys were homeschooled!!! Huzzah! Oh, and they went to a Vineyard church in Texas, though they're not on a "christian" label. Their music is mellow stuff, and perfect for the T drive into school. We shall see how they perform live soon :-)

Definitely albums I'd like to own, and I'm waiting for Christmas :-P Oh, and the soundtrack to O Brother, Where Art Thou. But, everyone should have already known what a great album that is ;-)


ineptus fugit said...

most interested in Eisley!

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Eisley is a great band! Good, mellow songs...great for relaxing. They're not really "deep" in a philosophical or theological way, but I don't think everything I do or listen to or read has to be hugely meaningful in that way. Emotions from childhood are fun to revisit. Makes me want to go play on the mulch pile in the backyard again :-P