01 May, 2009

Ze Bike

Today I fixed up my bike. It was pretty fun. I've never done much to it other than filling the tires and oiling the chain. It did get a tune-up once, about a year after I got it. Today I took a toothbrush to the gears and chain, trying to get rid of the fuzzy look.

This bike (2002 Schwinn Voyageur AL) is so comfortable. I know it's a sissy bike, but considering the kind of biking I've done in the past it's great. I got it (as a graduation gift) right before biking the C & O Canal trail, which is a sissy trail, so I figured a sissy bike would be appropriate :-) My mom even likes to ride this bike because it's comfortable. So, now I'm ready for biking trips! A few of my friends are doing the MS 150 bike race, and have had several training runs already. Maybe next time they go biking I'll be able to come.

1 comment:

samurai said...

I love the tow path down around where i live... about a couple of hundred miles down river from you.

I hope you have a great ride.