04 May, 2009

Walking through Ndola

I've been reading the blog of Shawn, who left graduate school at Notre Dame to see what he could do to eradicate poverty. I find his Uncultured Project fascinating, because he's worked incredibly hard to sustain himself and his project. He hopes (and has succeeded) to inspire others to see what they can do to eradicate poverty. He recently blogged about walking through a slum. I was reminded of my trip to Zambia, and wondered how similar my experiences of working with people in Zambia will be.


Life Savior said...

You're a wood elf!? No way!

That's great about the Zambia missions.


Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Kade, it's an identity I use to protect my "true" identity from the internet :-) Thanks for coming by! I'm guessing you found this blog through the Rebelutionary blog?

Lisa said...


(I am protecting your identity). Are you getting super excited about Zambia?

Love, Lililililili

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

(Thanks for protecting my identity, Lililililililili. It was nice to see you tonight!)

I am SO EXCITED! I get hit with random bouts of excitement :-P