17 May, 2009


This band played at my sister's college recently. Even though I wasn't familiar with their music, I enjoyed it so much. This song, in particular, was so much fun live. I later found out that Noele was a "mentor" to me when I first started to play violin with my church. She sent my father a long e-mail about how a violinist can contribute to the worship experience. I admit...I turned into a fan girl and got everyone to sign a poster advertising the event. Cheesy? Perhaps. But I enjoyed it :-) Hopefully I'll see them play live again!


Lisa said...

Nice. Before I read your entry and just peaked at the video clip, I thought the lead singer was Keanu Reeves. Hahaha.

Love, Lisa

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Hahahaha! Lisa, I love you :-)