24 October, 2008

3rd Party Woes

Vote (noun): The right to indicate a choice in an election.
Note that this definition doesn't say that the vote matters, just that it is indicated.

I cannot, in good conscience, choose McCain as President.

I will not vote for Obama for many, many reasons.

Problem? I think not, because I have more than two choices. Do you know how many people are running for President of the United States? I had to look it up. Six. Even the government's website only had two listed (anyone else find this outrageous and sick?). Did you know a Black woman was running for President? From the look of things, she has some good credentials, too. Just to be fair, there's this guy again and the Libertarian and the man I'm voting for.

If only the media were a bit more liberal in their coverage. Not Liberal, mind you, but liberal. Maybe "balanced" is a better word. Why do we hear so much about Sarah Palin and Barack Obama? Why is the media practically making up stuff to report about the Republican and Democrat nominees when there are four others who don't get coverage? Why aren't other candidates included in the debates?

Because the average voter is content to eat what mainstream media feeds them.

Forget about Left and Right. There's Up, and Down, and Forward, and Backward. Who knew?

"All education is self education." (Louis L'Amour) If people would educate themselves about the candidates they may choose, I'm convinced that the two domineering parties would be overtaken quite easily.

From what I've learned in my Game Theory class, my vote matters very little when it comes to national politics (one reason why I invest more in local politics than national politics). Besides, there's the Electoral College, which isn't even required to vote according to the wishes of the people they represent. However, my vote still matters because it indicates which candidate I choose and which candidates I do not choose. If not choosing McCain means that Obama gets in office, so be it. My conscience is at rest. God is omnipotent, and I pray he gives me the faith to let him control the election's outcome.

I'm debating about getting this shirt for $5. Two negatives: it costs $5 and it's white. But it involves kayaking (woohoo!) and politics.


The Stranger said...

Shananamae, I'm proud of you! It takes guts, hard thinking (which is harder than having guts), and humility to choose what most would deem foolish for the sake of conscience. Sounds an aweful lot like the reformation huh? Well anywho, just thought I'd say I support your decision, I like your candidate, but I won't be voting for him come november.

I've thought about the issues at stake and come to the conclusion that the only thing capable of saving our nation from immenent destruction is the Gospel. Because of this I plan on praying for and working to a revival of the nation at large. Politics is just the reflection of what the people have in their hearts, if they have God there then they will naturally (in large) choose a certain way because their worldview demands it. If they have man then another way.

Our people need God in their hearts, only then will worthy men like your candidate become president.

Mr. Anonymous said...


Did you know that your guy is only a write-in candidate in our state?

Laedelas Greenleaf said...

Yes, Mr. Anonymous, I do know that he is a write-in candidate. I have a hard time remembering his running mate, though... :-P So I think I'm going to write my choices down before I vote. Tat makes me feel like I'm cheating on a test, somehow!